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Mahesh Babu Secret Business

Can any Producer bag continuous dates of a Star Hero without worried on the BO Outputs? Sometimes, these kinds of miracles are possible only if that particular Star Hero as any extra business interest with in these deals. Looks like mahesh babu’s long term relation extended with 14 Reels Entertainment banner has become the subject of interest for many producers and distributors.

In fact, first film in their combination ‘Dookudu’ was a super duper hit which led to ‘1 Nenokkadine’ in the direction of Sukumar. Due to many problems, ‘1’ is going very slow on production and 14 Reels producers are revising their budgets every time. Now, without the release of ‘1’ they have also booked the call sheets of Mahesh for ‘Aagadu’ of Srinu Vytla to begin in next half of 2013. Very rarely do we see, a hero having two movies on same banner and both being on sets.

Production circles say that, mahesh babu is investing a share of his remuneration into the production cost of 14 Reels, so that he will be eligible for whatever the profits movies make after release as a privileged partner. This is the reason why, 14 Reels feel as if Mahesh and his dates are with in their pockets. This is good business idea from our handsome hero.

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