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Magadheera Copied By Bollywood Without Permission


If someone is remaking a film in other language, with the prior permission and purchase of remake rights, then it is called as a remake. Unlike this, if someone​ copies the content from other language film without any prior permission or purchase of remake rights, then it is called as “Freemake”. Rajamouli’s first step in historical fantasy, Magadheera has been free made by Bollywood.

Hindi film Raabta’s trailer has been dropped in YouTube hours ago. Have a glance at the trailer and question us if you are not getting any glimpses of Magadheera in the trailer. This Sushanth Singh Rajput starrer has Kriti Sanon in the female lead. Here, the lead characters are playing the lovers from past life, who were a part of a kingdom and failed to give their love story a happy ending. How they faced the villain from the past life in present life is rest of the story. Doesn’t it sound like Magadheera? Doesn’t it ?

That would be a shame if director Dinesh Vijan and producer Bhsuhan Kumar have lifted the story from Magadheera without purchasing rights and taking no permission from Rajamouli.

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