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Leaked Online: Actress Bedroom Sleazy Selfies

Of late heroine’s sleazing Selfies are leaking on web and creating sensation.Actress Anjanaa Bhattacharya is the recent victim and her bedroom selfies have been leaked online .The pictures of very bold lingerie selfies of Anjanaa are going viral on the social media.

She posed with seductive looks and exposed her cleavage and skin.They are obviously very private and as per sources these images shot by a boyfriend or lover. Anjanaa dated with an Australian cricketer during 20012-13. As per sources these photographs were clicked by the cricketer at a success party thrown by him.

Anjana is the second heroine to face the leakage in recent times.Recently a number of selfies that Vasundhara Kashyap and her boyfriend took of themselves during intimate moments leaked from her Instagram account

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