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    • Oneindia Telugu:???????????: ????????? ?????, ???? ????? #BotsaSatyanarayana

      Oneindia Telugu:??? ???????????: ?????? ?????????, ?????? ???????? #BotsaSatyanarayana

      Oneindia Telugu:???????? ?????????: ?????????? ?????, ?????? ???? #BotsaSatyanarayana

    • Harish Shankar .S:Shekhar Chandra and Chandoo scored full marks .... [11mints]

      Harish Shankar .S:Swathi is amazing in typical traditional clothes ..... especially in montage songs .... Director did a fantastic job .... :-) [13mints]

      BVS Ravi:#ColorsSwathi was as meticulous as ever? #Karthikeya [16mints]

      Harish Shankar .S:Congrats @actor_Nikhil Just finished the movie .... awesome is not the word ....Congrats to entire team :-) [21mints]

      BVS Ravi:Just watched #Karthikeya !! Enjoyed thoroughly. @actor_Nikhil nailed it. Kudos to the entire team:) [21mints]

      Sania Mirza:A day without laughter,is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplin ? View Details [21mints]

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