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Know How Much Anasuya Charges For Item Song ?

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Anchor Anasuya is indeed a name which can bring masses to the cinema halls. The gorgeous anchor is pretty much famous in almost every household. All thanks to a successful show like “Jabardast”.

After playing cameos and key roles on big screen, Anasuya is about to sizzle in an item song. Need not make you aware of the news that Anasuya danced to special song in Sai Dharam Tej’s film Winner. But do you know how much Anasuya have charged for an item number?

Well, not sure about the reliability of news but she has reportedly demanded 10 lakhs from the producers and the same amount was paid for that special appearance. This is a sounding amount for dancing to a single song. A good pay for the weight her name carries.

Let’s wait and see if all this hype would live up to expectations or not. This Gopichand Malineni film is soon hitting the screens.

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