Kalavari Kodallu – Watch Full Episode 437 of 1st November 2012

The story is about two daughter-in-laws who are sisters in life. Both of them get married in to the same house and now face the test by living under the roof with their demanding mother-in-law. Though they are sisters they are very different to one another, one totally abides to what the mother-in-law says and the other is a rebel. Will the daughter-in-laws dance to the tunes of their mother-in-law or will it be vice versa?

Live Tweets & Pics

K dorji 59m

Brahmaji 1hr

Radikaa sarathk 3h

Radikaa sarathk 3h
    • Kajal Agarwal:Got up late...u all know my sunday is filled with #Entertainment and nothing else... [7mints]

      Kajal Agarwal:Hi Tweeple good morning.. [9mints]

      greatandhra:KCR Insensitive Towards Farmers' Suicides View Details [40mints]

      greatandhra:Hyd Realty Sector In Doldrums View Details [40mints]

      K Dorji:RT @KuenNyam: An intentional raise of 131% disagreeing to the pay commission report & now a donation gimmick... wake up Bhutan and realise. [41mints]

      K Dorji:RT @newsbhutan: An issue of rights and laws- Editorial View Details View Details [43mints]

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