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హాట్ డ్రెస్ లో అదిరిపొయిన కాజల్-Pic Talk:Sexy Kajal With Golden Collar

The beautiful Kajal Agarwal is known not just for her sweet smiles and innocent eyes but also for her sensuous sex appeal. Whenever she has added a dose of masala in her looks or dresses, it raised the heat a lot

Kajal Aggarwal who recently appeared in NTR Temper turned as cover girl for Mehendi Magazine special III Anniversary issue.

She looked totally amusing in this look by sporting wardrobe by The Chennai Silks.Styled by Jules Idi Amin the actress looked perfect with the blingy accessories to glam up her bridal look.

The actress stuns us with the golden collar and the confidence she wore completes her look.Here is Kajal who is pressing her hip and flashing that inviting smile of hers. Enjoy this beauty folks

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