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Interesting Theme For Ram Charan – Sukumar Film

Creative genius Sukumar is widely known for his psychological thrillers with loads of brain work and an urban backdrop. In fact, his last two, 1-Nenokkadine and Nannaku Prematho were set in foreign countries. It was said that Sukumar has made a scientific thriller kind of story line for Ram Charan which will run in USA. But the news is not true.

Contrary to reports, Ram Charan – Sukumar will be a complete village backdrop story. Director Sukumar himself has revealed the theme yesterday in Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Press Meet, where the star director was launching a song teaser of the film.

This sounds very interesting as Sukumar never handled a story set in village backdrop. Something very fresh for Sukumar and something which would be tailor made for the mass image of Ram Charan

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మరికొన్ని ప్రత్యేక వార్తలు,అరుదైన చిట్కాలు,వీడియోలు క్రింద చూసి చదవండి

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