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I Can’t Say I Love You In A Bikini

Struggling from a long period for a right break in Tollywood, finally kriti kharbhanda has got all the attention with new release of ‘Ongole Gitta.’ Working with Pawan Kalyan in ‘Teen Maar’ and Manchu Manoj in ‘Mr. Nookayya,’ the pretty beauty was strongly restricted to homely image with no glam show till now. All of the sudden, oozing of awesome oomph in ‘Ongole Gitta’ has attached a ‘Sexy’ tag to Kriti.

‘I never stepped back from glamor roles. It was only on the demand of story and script, I will expose the skin. As my character in ‘Ongole Gitta’ is a bit mass oriented, I need to go for a bit of exposing. I still stick to the script. I cannot simply wear a bikini with no purpose or to just tell my hero, I Love You. In the future too, I am open to any sort of exposing only based upon the way my role is etched in the film,’ Kriti says who also has ‘Om’ of Nandamuri Kalyanram readying for the release.

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