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Husband Harassing Wife For Sex Over Phone

During Tretayuga (Ramayana) Sri Ram and Sita Maata were separated for years together, still they both trusted each other to the core. But in this Kaliyuga (present generation) though wife and husband are staying together still they don’t trust each other.

Here comes in a similar news, 33 years old woman working as a software professional lodged a police complaint in Hinjewadi Police Station Mumbai on 22nd July 2016 stating that she was often called by some unknown person demanding for secret sexual relationship.

Police officials with reference to the given complaint tracked the Internet Protocol Address from where the woman was getting calls and contact details of website which gave her contact details. Details were provided in Escort Service and with further investigation came to know that IP address was reflecting residential address of victim. Cops investigated in their style and got the truth out, her husband was sharing her details using his tablet. Police arrested him and he confessed to have committed the crime. Human ethics are getting deteriorated with such incidents. Culprit must not be spared for the mental agony caused to the victim.

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