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Radhika Apte’s Vulgar ‘Banana’ Poster Banned

Our Tollywood filmmakers were limited to using double meaning indecent dialogues and scenes in the films. But Bollywood is a way ahead using uninhibited erotic scenes mixed with some vulgar content. Hindi industry is hugely betting on sex and horror genre lately. Recently a poster was banned by the censor officials for having excessive sexual content in the film.

‘Hunterr’ is an upcoming sex comedy that revolves around the theme of sexual obsession of a guy and makers have recently released a poster which portrays the sexual addict nature of the lead actor. In the poster lead actor of the film Devaiah cuddling three women and the foursome emerging from a banana.

Though it sounds weird, it was the most eye catchy poster and the makers were keen on using the same on hoardings and publications as well. Apparently, their request for the same was denied as the visual was not deemed to be fit for the masses at large.

Hunterrr is directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni and homely beauty Radhika Apte who known for her traditional roles in films like Raktha Charitra and Legend is playing female lead in the movie. Surprisingly she was also appeared in the controversial banned poster.

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