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Hot Aunty In Market

Inspite of reaching into mid forties, there are some ardent Fans of Manisha Koirala. The Nepali beauty who rocked Indian film industry doing glamorous characters is now suffering with ovarian cancer undergoing treatment in Newyork. There are chances of Manisha traveling back to India in next few weeks and producers, directors are waiting for her arrival to sign some projects.

One among them is director Jay Prakash willful to do ‘Market 2’ with the aunty. ‘Manisha was a part of my first part of ‘Market.’ I discussed the story and script of ‘Market 2′ because she has been my lucky charm. After coming to Mumbai, I will re-narrate the script,’ says director who deals the story with concept of a woman sold to brothel house by her own husband. ‘We share a good chemistry as seen in ‘Market’ and ‘Chaahat – Ek Nasha.’ I cannot make films without her,’ director added.

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