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Heroine Denies Links With Betting

Photos of South bombshell lakshmi rai moving close with recently arrested cricketer Sreesanth in spot fixing case has brought into light the alleged links between cricket betting mafia and glamour world. Having seen the news in media and mentioning of her name, lakshmi rai is a worried babe because she is all set to marry a businessman.

‘Please, do not pull my name into this dirtiness. I am dating a businessman who is a good hearted human being. He is the kind of person I was dreaming about. It has been a long time I am not in touch with Sreesanth. So, do not link me with him because this will damage my reputation and personal life. I worked as brand ambassador for Chennai Super Kings team along with Nayanathara in the first phase of IPL. Since then I have no connections with IPL. Even I am not in touch with Dhoni or his wife,’ lakshmi rai said.

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