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Dasari’s Jhalak To Small Producer

Four months ago, the producers council of tollywood brought ‘no hoardings’ rule into implementation. They intended to save Rs.20 lakhs for small budget flicks imposing the ban on hoardings. Many people of tollywood and audiences have opined that this was the idiotic ban from the small budget makers.

Having understood ‘no hoardings’ rule would be a greater damage to their movies, many producers of tollywood started violating the rule. BVSN Prasad for his ‘Ongole Gittha’ and Dasari Kiran Kumar for his ‘Genius’ have violated the rule and thus the hoardings of above movies have been seen everywhere.

Interestingly, Darshakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao, who always appears to be small producers friendly, also violated ‘no hoardings’ rule, as he widely publicized the movie ‘Viswaroopam’ through his Siri Media, setting many hoardings of the movie in Hyderabad city.Irked by Dasari’s violation of the rule, small producers are heard to have sought the explanation from Dasari. Observing all these happenings, analysts are saying that Dasari sets the rules for others and violates the same for him.

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