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Channel’s Hurry On ‘Naayak’ Hyd Theatres

The exact number of release theaters of any movie is known only on the release day of a particular movie. Due to the eleventh hour commitments by the exhibitors, it is difficult to say the exact number of releasing theaters before the release of a movie.

It seems a popular news channel doesn’t know above basic facts of releasing theaters. On 7th January, the channel revealed that ‘naayak’ is going to be released in 94 screens in Hyderabad city and it has not beaten the highest number of theaters record in Hyderabad city. The channel disclosed that Mahesh’s ‘Businessman’ and Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ were released in 100+ theaters. Also, the channel didn’t say which movie got the highest release theaters record of the two movies. In fact, ‘CGR’ was released in 105 theaters while ‘BM’ was released in 103 theaters. As Cherry’s ‘naayak’ is releasing on 9th January, the theaters count will definitely increase for ‘naayak’, say the trade sources. However, the channel admitted that ‘SVSC’ is releasing in just 60+ theaters in Hyderabad city.

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