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Celebs At The Herve Leger Fashion Show – Hollywood.TV

Hollywood.TV is your source for celebrity gossip, news, and videos of your favorite stars! – Click to Subscribe! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Interviews with some of the Fashionistas of New York City’s Fashion Week at the Herve Leger Runway Show. We Talk with Daisy Feuntes, Jessica White and Lubov Azria about some of the fashion designs presented. Hollywood.TV is the global leader in capturing celebrity breaking news as it happens. Launched in 2008, we capture all the latest news, exclusive celebrity interviews, star videos and hot celebrity gossip from around the world every minute of everyday. HTV is on the streets 24/7, at all the industry events and invited by the stars to cover their every move in Hollywood, New York and Miami. Hollywood.TV is currently

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