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Bikini Body Is Not A Joke .. Says The Hottie

Not many people can argue on this, Raai Laxmi has a blessed body. She is voluptuous and at the same time, she has fine and balanced figure overall. But moulding oneself to a desired figure isn’t as easy as we think. Today we just admire the shape of Raai Laxmi but we should actually know the amount of hardwork she has invested on this sexy figure.

As she is working on an erotic film like Julie 2, Raai Laxmi had to be in a bikini body shape. In her words she is playing an extremely glamourous role in the film for which she had to lose lot of weight. Literally, she was even starving at times. She says that having a bikini body isn’t a joke. Someone has to put sweating efforts to gain that figure. At the end she ends the statement with an expression of happiness that she managed to pull off something like Julie 2, which she never thought of doing.

So, from December 2017, men world will be in sleeplessness. Julie 2 is coming at the end of the year. There will be steamy scenes, bikini body flaunts, loads of kissings and much more. There is treat coming from our very own “Ratthalu”.

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