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షాంపూకి బదులు బీర్ వాడితే జుట్టుకి ఎన్ని లాభాలో -Benefits Of Using Beer Instead Of Shampoo On Hair

Beer is the third most consumed drink in the world followed by water and tea. You know this fact very well. But not many know the fact that Beer is highly beneficial for hair growth and health. Yes, usage of beer on hair makes hair stronger and shinier. In many countries, people widely use beer as hair shampoo, instead of shampoos available in the market. Even in India, we see urban people using beer on their hair. So, why it is like that ? Why and how beer is beneficial to the hair ? In what ways does beer help your hair ?

* As said, beer treats your dull hair. Beer does contain malt which can make your hair shinier. If you feel bored with your flat and dull hair, mix beer, water and Olive Oil and apply it all over your hair. Let the mixture be on hair for few minutes and then wash it properly. It will give you shiny hair.

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