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Baahubali Bigger Than Bollywood

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Since Hindi is the most spoken language in this country, Bollywood has always maintained wide popularity and bigger market than South Cinema. But for a change, a Telugu movie, Baahubali has become the biggest movie ever in Indian Cinema. This statement is largely mathematical.

Let us clarify that no Indian movie has ever done 200cr + theatrical business. Baahubali-The Conclusion with just Telugu version alone, is all set to fetch above 200cr. When we add Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil versions theatrical business to it, the figure would easily cross the 300cr mark. And when music, satellite rights will be added to this figure, the entire pre release will easily cross 400cr.

None of Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan has done this before. Baahubali is standing miles ahead of all the movies made in India.

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