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Another Disaster For Mahesh Babu

Usually, Mahesh Babu is favourite actor of Television world. Even his flops like Khaleja and 1-Nenokkadine extract good TRP’s. Even a disaster like Aagadu yielded decent response from TV Premier. But, Brahmotsavam is in different league. A league which is consistently giving nightmares to his fans.

Yet another disaster for Mahesh Babu. The TV Premier of Brahmotsavam is a huge disaster. The film managed a disastrous 7.52 points reported by BARC. Surprisingly, a dubbed film like Bichagadu is most watched film on Television this year. Some stats are given below.

2016 releases Top TRP’s

Bichagadu : 18.75

SardaarGabbarSingh : 15.24

Supreme : 14.79

NenuSailaja : 12.37

NannakuPrematho : 12.23

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