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ఉపవాసం ఉండటం వలన కలిగే అద్భుతమైన లాభాలు-Amazing Benefits Of Fasting You Never Knew

* There needs no big scientific explanation in stating they fasting cuts down obesity. Fasting can burn all the fats in your body. But remember, fasting should be conducted under a doctor’s supervision. That would help you understand where should you put a limit on fasting.

* Fasting offers a better production of BDNF, which is brain derived neurotrophic factor. This improves insulin sensitivity, reduces bad cholesterol levels, fats, body mass, obesity and also maintains good heart health.

* Other benefits :

– Improves digestion by giving the digestive system enough break.

– It improves brain function because if the better production of BDNF.

– Secretes growth hormone.

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