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Allu Arjun’s Car Issue Goes To Police Station

On Saturday night, when Allu Arjun’s driver Mahipal was driving on Jubilee Hills road no.1, a cab driver called Ramakrishna was taking his car out of parking. Without​ being aware of the other vehicle on road, that cab driver rushed into Allu Arjun’s car and caused serious damages. Allu Arjun’s driver demanded 2 Lakhs as compensation from that man after a heated verbal fight. As there was no liquid cash available with him, RamaKrishna kept his car at Allu Arjun’s home with a promise of coming with compensation within a day.

But that driver then went to Police Station with a complaint that Allu Arjun’s driver is harassing him for compensation for a mistake happened under unintentional circumstances. However, Police didn’t register any case. They called Allu Arjun’s driver Mahipal for a settlement with cab driver Rama Krishna. After Allu Arjun himself came into the scene, that matter got solved in peace. Police didn’t have to a book a case..

But there is no clear information regarding the settlement. Did Allu Arjun left that man free from compensation or gave any discount in compensation?

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