Abhiruchi – అభిరుచి – 20th October 2014

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Live Tweets & Pics

Raima sen 1hr

Nikhil siddhart 1hr

Dhanush 1hr

Dhanush 1hr
    • Nikhil Siddhartha:RT @Urs_KNS: #Karthikeya Atp Sudha Noon & Matinee Fulls With 60-70 Extra Chairs!!!#Superb:) [41mints]

      Dhanush:And finally I thank my MOM and DAD for constantly praying for me and protecting me. Love you all [43mints]

      raima sen:View Photo [44mints]

      Dhanush:I thank my wife Aishwarya for all the understanding and providing me a peaceful home. [44mints]

      Dhanush:Sincere thanks to @Actor_Vivek to have believed in me. Also thank surabhi,Hrishi and Amitash for bringing in more positivity [46mints]

      Nikhil Siddhartha:RT @AndhraBoxOffice: #Karthikeya making its presence felt all over.. Very Good Bookings in Multiplexes. #BMSTop10 View Photo [49mints]

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