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Heroine’s Last Film On April 1st

The stunningly lovely and youthful performer Aarthi Agarwal’s death a year ago prompted much stun of a significant number of her fans and Telugu film gathering of people for a considerable length of time inside and out. It came as a big shock to one and all. She was one of those on-screen characters who rose to notoriety in limited ability to focus time and earned the thankfulness for her allure as well as execution. She has tasted the best in her life in all aspects by acting with top actors as well.

Presently, her last included film Aame Evaru will be discharging this April first and the film’s maker Veera Ganesh addressed the media in regards to the same. He asked for individuals to backing this film and each Aarthi Agarwal fan must watch it. Ganesh additionally said that he was entirely intrigued by making a film right from his youth and this was similar to a blessing from heaven for him. The complete details about film release will be updated soon.

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