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స్త్రీలకు భావప్రాప్తి సులభంగా ఇచ్చే అయిదు సెక్స్ పొజిషన్స్-5 $ Positions That Give Women Orgasm Quite Easily

There is nothing in the world, without a method. Different methods to learn, different methods for calculations, different methods of playing, talking and what not. What is a method ? It’s nothing but an approach adopted to accomplish certain task. Even in $, there are methods. We call them $ positions. As every method has a different approach and style, $ has different positions which facilitate a different view and taste about the intercourse act. The ultimate goal of $ is to reach orgasm. More importantly, making a woman experience the climax. So, here we are making you aware of five most important $ positions that ease a man’s work and help women reach orgasm as soon as possible.

#1 Missionary Sex Position

You all know this. The traditional missionary $ position, but in a different style. Woman, on her back should put a pillow under her butt, then lift her hips and bring legs up and back toward the shoulders. In simple words, she should fold herself into half, with a pillow below her butt.This position will help the man in deeper penetration. Importantly, this position will allow the male part to stimulate the G-Spot, by which he would easily make her reach the orgasm.

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