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5 Big Mistakes Men Make In Sex

#5. Not making her reach climax :

Unarguably, the biggest mistake from man’s side. Sex or loving making is an act where two bodies participate. So, it is important that both of the participants should enjoy orgasm. Yeah, a man’s body can’t prolong orgasm for too long but it doesn’t make sense if only he is reaching the climax right ? Sex can be paused if she hasn’t had an orgasm but it shouldn’t be stopped. If a man’s penis is not ready for penetration right after ejaculation, he need not worry because penetration is not the only force that takes her to climax. Stimulate her other sexual organs. It’s just a matter of skin to skin touch which holds her in the flow. Oral sex, breast stimulation, kissing or whatever it takes, leave the battle field only when the job is completed. Have a sleep only when she too experiences an orgasm.

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