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5 Big Mistakes Men Make In Sex


#4. No control on penetration speed :

Not all women bodies want the same. Some women want rough sex and some other want a penis penetrate very gentle. It’s her, who has to choose in between pain and pleasure. She understands her body better than you. So, take her suggestions during penetration. If she tells to fasten, catch the speed and if she wants it gentle, then play it slowly. Don’t take her for granted at any moment. She is your partner in every act and in partnership, power is not centralized in one hand. If a man has no control on penetration speed and he barely respects the speed rate she suggests, then in no time, she will start loosing sex drive. So, dear men .. listen to her.

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మరికొన్ని ప్రత్యేక వార్తలు,అరుదైన చిట్కాలు,వీడియోలు క్రింద చూసి చదవండి

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