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5 Big Mistakes Men Make In Sex


As far as women are concerned, foreplay comes first and sex comes next. Technically, it’s only foreplay which lubricates woman’s vagina and makes her ready for the final act. Just as you cannot start a bike directly on 4th gear, a man should never try to enter into sex without conducting foreplay. If he ignores foreplay, then sex become painful for woman. Without proper lubrication, the penis cannot penetrate vagina smoothly. When penetration becomes hard, no matter how hard your penis is, it just gives a woman pain but not pleasure. So, foreplay is must and conducting foreplay in a proper way is a necessity. A man should be aware of points and parts in woman’s body, where a gentle touch can evoke her feelings. Without this knowledge, even foreplay looks boring for her. So, concentrate on foreplay and learn the art of foreplay.

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