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రోజుకి ఒక్క జామకాయ తింటూ ఉంటే శరీరంలో జరిగే 20 మార్పులు -20 Benefits You Get With Regular Intake Of Guava

* Your immunity system becomes stronger with the help of vitamin C in guava.

* It has vitamin b3 and b6. Your brain works with more activeness with good blood flow around.

* Guava has plenty of fiber. Good for your digestive system.

* Loaded with antioxidants. Day by day, chances of getting hit by cancer reduce.

* Guava works as an astrigent. Your teeth become stronger.

* It has good content of potassium. Blood pressure stays in track.

* Pink guavas are nothing less than beauty products. Your complexion keeps getting better.

* With the the help of lycopene, guava protects your skin against UV rays.

* Your eye sight improves. Thanks to vitamin A in guavas.

* It’s cholesterol free. So, bad cholesterol levels come down.

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