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పచ్చి ఉల్లిగడ్డ తినడం వలన దొరికే 12 టాప్ లాభాలు-12 Major Benefits Of Eating Raw Onion

* Onion consists of chromium which regulate blood sugar levels in your body. Diabetic people can have raw onion everyday in the morning.

* Red onions do contain flavonoids which protect your heart against many odds. It has Ganesh sulphur compounds which r good for cardiovascular health.

* Eating raw onions stop platelets from sticking to each other and prevent heart attacks in that order.

* Onions also contain inulin SSC out of fibre which is food source of good bacteria in stomach. Eating raw onions promotes good digestion.

* Eat raw onions for the intake of GPCS a content which reduce bone loss. Onions can prevent age-related osteoporosis.

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