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లవ్ ని రిజెక్ట్ చేసేందుకు అమ్మాయిల దగ్గర ఉన్న 10 కామన్ కారణాలు

* She might think that you are self obsessed. Generally, men in trial to impress her go over the top at times to showcase themselves. As you know, girls don’t like men who are self obsessed or look/sound similar.

* Probably, you might have proposed in a wrong time. Much before, she was even thoughts of checking you out. Most men fail because of this reason. They place the proposal at wrong time.

* It’s simple, you are not attractive enough. Who said girls don’t care about looks? They do, obviously. It’s not only men who crave for good looks.

* She might be seeing a creep in you. Your proposal might have all purest feelings, but it’s all about her perception. If you are creep and your feelings are creepy for her perception, then there is nothing you could change.

* You might be too nice. Yes, girls see the over the top being nice guys as fake. It looks as if the guy is trying too much to impress her. They don’t feel the strength in your feelings.

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