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లవంగం చాయ్ తో పొందగలిగే 10 అద్భుత లాభాలు

* Cloves stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and reduce flatulence dyspepsia, nausea and gastric irritability. They improve the digestion process naturally.

* Cloves can kill pathogens. In other words, they are antibacterial in nature which keep the bacteria at Bay.

* Clives carry the ability to control insulin levels in the body and keeps the blood sugar levels in track. They work on diabetes.

* Right from ayurvedic days clothes have been treated as immunity booster. Cloves tea increases white blood cell count and improves delayed type hypersensitivity.

* Cloves improve your oral health. Regular intake of cloves tea treats number of problems associated with gums and teeth.

* Cloves tea is also loaded with magnesium which contributes to immunity power. It improves resistance and healing power.

* Cloves do contain anti inflammatory and pain killing properties. They stimulate pain receptors and reduce several kinds of pain.

* Cloves are known for high amounts of antioxidants. They keep the metabolism rate in track. This special tea also reduces the effect of free radicals by removing them.

* Healthy drink in the morning flushes out the toxins from the body. Cloves tea can easily replace tea or coffee. It doesn’t mean coffee and tea are unhealthy but it means this special tea is way better than those.

* Water extract from clovrs also helps with Dermatology benefits. The special extract makes your skin way attractive by giving a glow and smoothness on the skin.

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