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ఆముదము చుక్కలు కంట్లో వాడితే ఎన్ని లాభాలో

Castor is grown in our Telugu villages every year. We kept hearing our grannies talk about the advantages of castor oil. But have you taken them seriously? It is not cliche. Castor oil benefits our eyes and few ways. Check them out

* Cataracts irritate you, don’t they? Well, many researchers have suggested that drop of castor oil in each eye moments before you sleep will work as an effective home remedy for dissolving cataracts. But remember, use castor oil which is made for eyes and not for the bath.

* When you don’t sleep properly, you get puffy eyes and even dark circles under your eyes. Use castor oil every day and keep massaging the skin around your eyes every day. This will make dark circles vanish and reduce the puffiness around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and castor oil is a perfect home remedy to treat dark circles.

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